Beauty is one of this world’s greatest mysteries. We have been searching for beauty from an early age. Beauty is captivating, hypnotizing, it also develops one’s taste for esthetics. To discover original beauty, let us turn to Nature. Nature can meet our need for beauty with a sunrise, boundless sky, the autumn leaves dancing in the air, singing birds, flowering meadows in drops of the morning dew…

Forest Glade asks you for a date in an emerald wood where silence reigns.

The brand’s name evokes a perfects setting: a clearing surrounded by hundreds of trees, a place for solitude and upwind where one can get recovered from city noise and routine worries.

FG lookbooks are inspired by philosophical reflections on the phenomena of reality opposed to the microcosm of a human inner world. These investigations are induced by a profound interest in the world of ideas, they will cheer you up and let stardust touch your heart.

Original perfection, purity and the unique atmosphere of Nature are basic features of the brand’s concept. The four seasons, with their endemic color pallets, and the fresh air take part in reproducing vivid images – the characters of each Lookbook.

The brand’s founder tends to associate pastel tint with spring and brightest hues – with summer. She has chosen to reveal the luxury of beige and dark shades in autumn, while winter stays covered with snow in all of its undertones – from crystal white to nude and bluish.

FG provides a key to those questions each woman is concerned about: what are the ways to emphasize her natural allure without losing her identity behind the trends, what can she do to shape her daily style and cause appropriate impression?

The message of the brand is to appreciate one’s individuality beyond other values. All the items are filled with simplicity and sophistication. It is the woman and her personality that should remain in the foreground, not her clothes. Those who opt for FG, treasure moderation and elegance, avoid stereotypes and strive for a perfect balance between fashion and personal style.

The brand’s secret, being both an advantage and a selling point, is shared by every lookbook: predominance of natural tissues and premium-quality yarn produced by the leading manufacturers based in Germany and Italy: weightless alpaca, delicate mohair, softest cashmere, noble silk and pure cotton. A small percent of artificial fiber – viscose, tensel, polyamide, elastane – can be added since the finest modern technologies tolerate synthetic as a way to improve the wearing properties of natural textures. To meet ecology and ethics, eco leather is preferred to animal byproducts. The factories work to make the designer’s ideas come true, among other things, they draw up jacquard patterns following the sketches she works out. Detailed selection of the color scheme and its tones is to transmit freedom and comfort. The textures, the silhouettes and the final product do not stick to fashion guidelines, but rather sound in unison with them.

The ultimate goal of the brand is to produce top-quality clothes at the best possible price.

The brand’s signature is its handmade section: knitted items and embroidery, the finest miniatures made up of glass bead, sequins and crystals that come to shape exceptional patterns along with floral motifs. A capsule collection of jewelry with unprocessed precious stones, an exclusive order of Forest Glade, will be presented in the short term.

We make clothes and accessories that are to bring some beauty to your life. But above all, we work for your sake: your beauty and your comfort – your delight.



Forest Glade