Black key sketch, Opus №

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Look through the window. It is black square night you can see.

Is night just darkness or promise of a dawn, an instance or eternity?

Illusion: loss of color vs. color saturation? Total emptiness or painted world obsessed with darkness? No matter how dense the darkness is, one day a ray of light will make its way across the shade.

What is darkness? Zero light. Zero mile from where the path begins. For those who won’t stay still when the path is calling their name. Paths, dead ends, detours, doublers, Y-shaped forks, crossroads. The X and Y in the plane.

Circles of doubts, a sine wave, rise and fall. At times the path is like a walk through sunlit meadows, at times it seems to be a dangerous climbing, at times it looks like cautious walking on a wire above the abyss.

Black is infinitely deep. It contains volume and dynamics, multiple dimensions. The heart of black includes the hues of nature, the palette of the world in darkness’ arms. Darkness is a key to imagery, a door to new chapters, and blank canvas. Two colors, black and white, are irreconcilable and distant. Their encounter gives birth to contrast. Poetry and prose, orchestral score are born. Here is the drawing. Here is the masterpiece. Two colors that embrace the universe of human thoughts and feelings. This is a track through darkness to the light.

A walk along the keys creates a rhythm and melody that are unique. Andante.

A flight of fingers that hardly touch the keys. It is all about zero gravity, impatience, with feelings prior to the thought. Prestissimo.

Full-blown chord of flooding sentiment. Mezzo forte. Grave. Con affetto.

Deep, emotional coda. Con espressione.

Bold move upstairs. Deciso.

The lines are perfect, the chords sound loud. Here you can find the cunning of glissando, the prudence of the pause, the frivolity of trill. And the reprise of precious moments. A sudden syncope makes you thrill. Suspense on the fermata. The pedal tears you off the ground, extends the tones-this is a way to capture moments, hold them for a while. A melody of flats and sharps, bizarre, it winds like incense.

The black key sketch is on until the night is vanishing. Drop by drop. Until the darkness fades away, until it is morning’s turn. White keypads join the line to form a gorgeous waterfall of sounds.

One day you find there seems to be no way. Remember: you are an artist. Start from zero mile. And make your track. Where every step is a discovery. Where silence sounds like million strings. All you need is a stylus, a paintbrush, piano keypads. A ruler and a needle, scissors and a mannequin.

Art is freedom, limits are alien to it. Art will be your loyal friend. In art there is no need to hide what’s in your soul. No masks, no make-believe, art lets you be yourself. This is the place where spirit finds its shelter.

Dream a dream, turn on imagination. From project to manifestation. Creation is inherent. Creation is your lifework.



Forest Glade is launching its FW’20/21 collection named Opus The name alludes to musical scores and their interpretation on the piano. Black and white keypads are in focus. This time, the tone is composed of black keys mainly. Consequently, the idea of chromatics and semitones is conveyed: minor seconds, playful hues, vibration and dynamics expressed in color. Solid geometry in motion. Black color’s potential is explored in depth.

The coming season resonates with the specific scenery of autumn and winter. Here, night, our loyal travelling companion, prevails over daylight. With this regard, black color is the leitmotif, at times varied with shades that are perfectly in tune with the cold season: ochre, marble, brandy, graphite, coffee, cream. In contrast to twilight, so easy to get lost in, the silhouettes of the new collection are inspired by precision and clarity that provide us with resolution. Natural fibres-wool, cotton and a touch silk- are meant to restore the balance equalizing sharp geometry of cuts and emphasizing your femininity.

The items represent a perfect row, a piece of printed musical notation. Halftones, the augmented unison, commonly described as dissonant, do not jeopardize the harmony. Some looks sound fortissimo, others echo in pianissimo. Some vibrate in maestoso style, others are played dolce. There is some room for oriental tunes in the form of harmonic minor. This is how the dynamics is accomplished and kept present.

The line, the plane and the shape are basic characteristics of Suprematism. Within Opus, the looks obey the laws of geometry, they are well-balanced and laconic. It seems to be a magic formula for those who strive to find perfection.

The choice in favor of black color within the FW’20/21 collection is made deliberately. From FG’s perspective, black is a concept. An allusion to black square symbolizing the decline of graphic art. The art of the previous epochs has run its course. The artist states the end of an era. Its lifecycle is fulfilled. And black sounds as the final chord. According to FG’s philosophy, art interprets black as ‘The end’. However, fashion gave a new birth to black. Fashion made it an art form. Yet black is viewed as zero mile. The starting point. Initiation.

FG’s designer is convinced that black is brilliant anyway. Black color contains great potential, it excites one’s imagination and makes one search for new horizons. Black color is a key to creating amazing looks. This key is always a solution, a remedy, a way out. Black color, opposed to white, is a playground for insight, for multiple combinations. It is like a game of chess.

From FG’s point of view, black color is a classic played on the black keys. Black color is a scope for diversity, an infinite resource of the stave: the full potential of sound, variety of motifs, genres and intended uses. Black color is indispensable in music. This is its guide, companion and witness to creation of all-time masterpieces.

Art is where genuine freedom lies. That is the new collection’s message. Art is an environment where no limitations can be imposed, where boarders are vague. Art is a way to be you, to unleash your true self, FG recalls. Art is free from limitations and it is stranger to patterns. Thus, art is real freedom. Even if the artist’s palette lost its color and there was only one left, it wouldn’t handicap the process of creation. ‘Imagine’ means ‘invent’ and it is something quite natural for an artist.

‘When one loves one’s art, no service seems too hard’ /O. Henry/


Forest Glade