Ecliptic (Capsule 2019)



The path of planets and stars is making its way across the skies cruising over its dome. This is the celestial carrousel called Ecliptic. The Zodiac belt, in all of its glory, is full of multiple mythical beings, the patrons and governors of our fate. The constellations say we are brave and strong enough, still they won’t conceal those imperfections of ours. They can suggest a talisman and make us as different as fascinating to each other.

The brand’s major idea – the individuality – is still alive, this time expressed in astronomical values. Some of us will take advice and patience along the way, others would rather sail away on the off chance. Still, everyone needs an outer skin to safe the warmth, to pierce the darkest woods, their hearts kept unbroken.

The capsule made up of ‘collo alto’ sweaters is the best in tune with the concept of the “outer skin”. The capsule’s pallet shows how different we are and so are our goals and the ways we choose to reach them: it starts at the reserved abysmal black and comes up to the overjoyed tropical coral.

The line is made up of 12 colors: each one can be your choice for today according to the circumstances of time and place. You can select several colors to make a sketch for a few daily looks-a basis to be added some accessories to your taste.

The idea of the Zodiac is an allusion to your unique identity as the constellations’ names coincide with the number of pieces within the range. The names attached to the pieces are symbolical, non-imperative, thus, you are free to choose the color you like. It would be nice to select a talisman from those 12 minerals the items’ names include; to attract good luck and favors of life is something that really matters.

Look deep into your heart and choose a mineral, a precious stone or a gem, they could match the selected turtleneck and turn to be an elegant detail. Besides, they are so lovely…

Every malachite work is unique, as every stone has got the only pattern designed by Nature, made visible during the processing of the rock.

The mystic, magical back-light of the moon stone will make the young fast-beating hearts linger in suspension. It seems to be a secret desert flower lit up by moonlight. Pure poetry!

The hematite, a magnetic substance that absorbs negative energy, may be a loyal talisman for you.

The agate can be found in different colors. The black agate reminds us of the sun eclipse, it is like southern eyes against the curtain of the night.

Born in the depths of the oceanic blue, the pearl is a live embodiment of beauty, a  whim of Nature.

The pure and transparent rock crystal is to be cherished if your credo implies candor, clarity and resolution.

The quintessence of the blue is hidden behind the sapphire‘s shell. When the sapphire is cut, it manifests all its radiance. It is made to be shining.

Amazingly, the corals are among the most ancient inhabitants of our planet, the hosts of wisdom, a phenomenon of the warm seas. ‘No rush’, they say. They teach to always keep zest for life. Their growth takes time: the real value takes a long path.

The purple fancy, the amethyst, is to be admired, it sends you back to that lilac bushes in their bloom when May is all around and eternal.

Fuchsia and vibrating scarlet are colors of life and passion. The ruby is always born so tiny, a perfect miniature.

The rose quartz, is the color of Aurora, the reveille, when the stars had run away. The symbol of youth.

The shimmering light of the aventurine captivates your sight with myriads of specks against the dark background. And so the starry skies are lying on your palm.

Each Zodiac sign may disguise certain peculiarities shared by those who were born under it, the common strengths and weaknesses. Still, you needn’t be embarrassed by the link between a color and a sign. Instead, this is your chance to create a style to match your inner self.


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