Perpetuum Capsule (FW 19/20)

Forest Glade is launching a capsule collection of fine jewelry with natural stones, sonorous and exquisite, worth its name – Perpetuum.

FG, again, has found a balance between the mastery of Nature and the human thought. Harmony is revealed in the combination of natural stones, unfaceted and pure, and the grace of final products, their design and performance.

Unprocessed gems look lovely in their raw form: the malachite, beloved by craftsmen, with its rich evergreen color, and the thick drops of pomegranate juice embodied in the garnet. The idea of authenticity is now conveyed with gems.

“Perpetuum” offers uncut gems as an allegory of the forces of nature and a metaphor in color for the elements of fire and water. It also attempts to hold the elements within the borders of frame. Earrings and brooches repeat the curves of branches and imitate the texture of the tree bark, in tune with the forest and its special charm.

And now when the foliage makes the tree crowns fade away and lose their golden outfit, the FG designer’s thought can make sea water and fire stay still to shape the drops of malachite and garnet stone and cover the branches with their lights. The world outside is miraculously transformed. That is what we call “the power of art”.

FG is true to itself and once again is giving way to sophistication. Beauty, even though it is created by the biggest talents, is limited by their genius and the scope of art in general. Thus, in a sense, such beauty is finite, ultimate. Nature creates beauty that we relentlessly admire, it is bottomless, perfect, eternal. Forest Glade expresses deep respect for Nature and its concept and this worship echoes in the new collection of pristine gems.

The fall is here again. “A time to gather stones”, says Forest Glade.


Forest Glade


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