Terra Firma (FW 19/20)

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F A L L   –   W I N T E R   2019/2020


The evening turned around and went West, carrying away the flaming ribbon of the setting sun. The southern night fell like a curtain over fields, so dense and hefty, infinite. The ravishing chill of the night sky made the mowed grass shiver and line up in long shadows.

The wind combed the bad-haired clouds to shape the long swirls of fog resembling haze of distant bonfires.
The gates of night opened for those rivals of light, to soar inaudibly over the plains conquered by darkness, humbling flight at the forest threshold, and gliding through the mirror of the cold-breathing lakes.

Silent fireflies of stars inhabited the blue heights, with light that beckoned and enchanted- the light was crafty, cold and unrequited. Such light inspires young souls, instilling dreams of accomplishments, yet hurts experienced souls with thoughts of unrealizable and lost. Only wise, learned souls who pay tribute to the night by observing the stars can read their message. The flickering light hardens in the heart of gems lying in the bowels, like a caught moth, it cools down and stiffens.

And everything is motion, transformation, mystery.

Midnight’s eve, full moon comes out, snatching from the darkness either a mirage or a mysterious plot of night.  A lightweight swing is hanging from the sky, attached by silvery rays of light, so ghostly beautiful, as if written in a palette of moonlight. There, in the moonlight, a lonely soul seeks refuge. Her aspirations, hopes and fervor drive the swing upwards, their flight so sweet and passionate, in an attempt to reach heaven and ask for good graces. Despondency, longing, disappointment and sadness pull the swing back, downwards, down to the bottom of existence. From year to year, repeating its path, the silver swing keeps gliding, taking off and losing altitude.

Is there a way to get beyond this arc?

The way is one: just take a breath and dare to make a jump, rejecting routes that you explored, set off and get on board to make the voyage of creation.

Discover the world, taste life and have your glass with the Elixir of Life.



The fall is here again. The Fall-Winter collection by Forest Glade, FW-19/20, under the name “Terra Firma”, in Latin, will guide you onto the coming season.

The collection’s name, “Terra Firma”, conveys the theme of wildlife, the realities of our world and a more materialistic approach to life. The fall suits best for reflection, assessment of the road travelled. Winged dreams and imagination fade away and stay still until spring. Therefore, the looks within the new collection are full-weighted, honed, completed, down-to-earth.

The look book is presented in colors of mature shades, deep tones and velvety hues. The palette is thick and saturated, with purple, “red wine”, figs, flawless white, melange, “white coffee”, smoky gray and ocher being the main notes.

The new season gives way to jacquard patterns based on sketches made by the designer and are the brand’s own elaboration. The visual effects of relief and contrast against the background contribute to bring the knitted fabric in motion. The resonant turquoise reflects November sky at sunny noon and draws the scenes of February azure. The motive of Nature and its constant change are consistent phenomena throughout FG collections.

The stylistic concept of “Terra Firma” is inspired by the charm of the 1970s, but aims at the realities of our times and is particularly relevant in cold weather. Restraint, orderliness, mindfulness and fortitude are basic tenets the new collection is built on. Again, genuine fabrics, appropriateness, comfort and sophistication remain unchanged.

“Living implies both: changing and staying true to oneself”, in tune with Nature and the fashion trends.


Forest Glade


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