Payment methods


By cash at the moment of delivery

Payment by cash is received by the courier at the moment of delivery. Before payment, you are in your right to unseal the box and try on the items.

By card

You are always welcome to pay your order with your card. After getting a confirmation, you will be automatically redirected to Robokassa, the online payment service page.


Delivery terms


Delivery is made within 1-3 days since your order was placed.

Delivery is made on workdays, from 12 9 p.m., by courier, to the customer’s door at the address indicated at the moment of order placement. Our managers will contact you before delivery to confirm the order and agree upon the suitable date of delivery.



The delivery cost across Moscow is of 300 rubles. Payments by card on the website or by card/cash to the courier are possible. Fitting and partial purchase are available.

Moscow region (within 20 km)

The delivery cost across the Moscow region is of 500 rubles. Payments by card on the website or by card/cash to the courier are possible. Fitting and partial purchase are both available. For purchase amount beyond 7000 rubles, the delivery is free.


Delivery to other regions is made by Russian Post within 5-10 days since the date of sending. The delivery cost to the regions is of 650 rubles. Delivery to the regions is only available for 100% pre-paid orders, including the cost of sending. Fitting or partial purchase are unavailable.

Foreign countries

International delivery is made by EMS Post. The delivery cost is of 2500 rubles.

Fitting or partial purchase are unavailable.


Fitting terms


You are free to try on the items from your order (up to 7 items) at the moment of delivery. You are free to purchase those items that only suited you.

In case you refuse the order completely, we will charge you 300 rubles for delivery. Fitting is only available in the premises where the courier can be allowed to.

Fitting is available for Moscow clients exclusively.


Exchange and Returns


You are free to return the item within 7* (seven) calendar days after the delivery date provided that the item has not lost its original condition. Original packaging, factory seal and label are required at the moment of return.

Complete or partial return is only available for Moscow clients and clients from the Moscow region. Neither complete nor partial return is available for other regions.

Hand-made knitwear and hand-made designer’s jewelry cannot be subject to return.



Is available for unused items with original presentation, consumer properties, as well as the factory seal and label.

Please, note that neither hand-made knitwear nor hand-made designer’s jewelry can be subject to return**.


*In accordance with p. 21 of the RF Government Decree #612 issued on September, 27th, 2007, “On the adoption of Rules for off-site sale of goods”.
** In accordance with the inventory listing good-quality non-foodstuffs that cannot be subject to return or exchange for similar goods of different size, shape, dimensions, style, color or equipment, approved by the RF Government Decree #55 issued on January, 19th, 1998, items made of precious metals, with gemstones, items of precious metals with inlays of semi-precious or synthetic stones, minerals, good-quality faceted gemstones cannot be subject to exchange or return.


Dear customers,


You can use one of the two options to apply for return:

  • Contact us through e-mail:
  • Contact us by using the feedback form available in the “Contacts” section