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The runway for spring is ready. It calls for climbing peaks and is pouring faltering sunrays down on Moscow from bird’s eye view. The Spring-Summer Collection by Forest Glade is called Aerodynamics. It will guarantee a smooth takeoff and further inspiration.

In spring, the dreams are growing vivid, the nature is awakening, and makes you feel light-headed and your heart beat faster. It is time you let new ideas in and got ready for adventure. The FG‘s designer is inviting you for skydiving into new experiences declaring voluminous cuts and the element of air to be the best companions of the new season. Airy, light-weight silhouettes, flowing tissues, the landscape artist’s palette and graphic print is your boarding pass to the nearest future.

The collection’s name, Aerodynamics, sends us back to the well-settled triad of form, substance and assignment. Human mind has always sought for a name to be attached to the phenomena of this world – the fact that conflicts with the one-of-a-kind world perception of everyone that is certainly subjective. Everyone is unique and everyone has developed their own vision of beauty. Is there a way to share the exact depiction of an encounter with beauty? Is an artist able to create an image millions could embrace and love?

Aerodynamics offers a specific solution to this task: abstract art as a uniform approach to reflect an idea involving graphic prints; dynamics embracing the resourcefulness, the wide range of material forms an abstract concept can take in its progress. Dynamics can be expressed with fabric motion in the wind, to the rhythm of the heart that skips a beat and starts again, just the way one feels before skydiving.

Illusion and reality have never been so close: the agitation of cotton in maxi skirts, like dancing air embraced by fabrics, while the smooth lines will emphasize your femininity rather than disclosing it. Dynamic reality is given way as a counterweight to fiction and inertia. It is all about motion, change, modulation when the aerodynamic forces play their game in search for balance to set a safe course towards the upcoming season.

The 25 items of the collection are parts of one and the same semantic field: easy takeoff, resistance against bad weather, drag power leading to transformation and weighty benefits of natural fibers. A variety of physical states of fabrics are illustrated here: from solid and dense to liquid and even gas-like.


Femininity reigns in skirts, T-shirts and jumpers – all motion-friendly, while the ruffled details will add more finesse to your gesturing. Knitwear is introduced at low doses in low-key natural colors: noble beige, fog, smoked paprika and cinnamon. A touch of romance is manifested in sewing lace, still relevant so far, this time in a deep navy shade. The polo T-shirts and casual waistcoats are very much in tune with yachting. The colors of the mid-night sea, fresh-cut grass, pouring rain, sun reflections on the sand and wild flowers find their way onto the fabrics, like watercolor on paper. Loose cuts depict the looks filled with riddle. Non-intrusive, they whisper and suggest, they hint at ease and boost imagination.

Forest Glade is true to fine design, excellent elaboration and flawless quality. The new collection is paying tribute to the contemporary art leaving the interpretation to a critical audience, giving everyone the right to develop their own vision and make sense of the idea suggested by the artist.

Abstract art is the only way to treat such concepts as love, happiness and liberty. Everyone sees them differently. And neither of us is wrong, since “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.


Forest Glade


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