«S O P H I S T R Y»


“Sophistry” is the name attached to the FW 18/19 collection by Forest Glade.

Here, the content prevails over the shape, wisdom-seeking is preferred to eloquence.
The subjunctive vision of the world reflected in the mind of a sensitive human being is a privilege regardless of their social status. This could be a child with its fairy-tale perception who is able to see the magic waltzing of white down when it watches the snowfall. The childish imagination makes it look as if Mother Hulda were having her featherbed fluffed. So it can be a ballet dancer, being strict at following her routine and diet, yet mad about chocolate, who is taking classes of patisserie from a famous chocolatier.

The enigmatic heart and the inner world’s architecture is what the designer is concerned about.

The new collection suggests staying away from dizzying volume, skin-tight pieces that leave no space for the phantasy. The outfit is deliberately free of belligerent seduction, screaming-hot details, low neckline and expressive sex appeal. The looks are like a mosaic made up of the moon rock’s glitter, enchanted by the subtle scent of white flowers. The collection makes a contrast to the common and persistent trend to stress femininity by means of a cliché.

The collo alto jumper theme is still relevant, especially when it comes to the flowing Illicit or Serenity, with its magical glow. They may as well be welcome in a lounge of exquisite carpet floor, with its candlelight, added a glass of cool wine, some soft jazz streaming from under the pianist’s fingers. A sapphire brooch is optional. Getting to the viewing platform on the 42nd floor of the Terraço Itália skyscraper may be the perfect culmination as you are well-protected against the cold wind.

You’ll appreciate the tight-knit cardigans, companions through the nights of chilling fogs. No awkwardness, free movement is guaranteed due to elastic yarn.
The Starry blouse stands for the Night that succeeds in bargaining minutes away from the Daylight. The stars are shining brighter with the sonorous air of autumn…

The Forest Glade workshop is where the elixir of Message is brewed, using a signature recipe to outline its multifaceted nature, added some lightness and big amount of elegance. With this potion, any modest-looking piece is sure to develop grace and fineness. Each one of the elements within the WF collection serves to shape the pure, dew-sprinkled protagonists of the Autumn.

Turbulent blooming and crazy summer partying are alien to autumn. The Trilogy sweater is going to caress you with warm sunlight, it asks you out for a lingonberry dessert and a walk on the soft fluffy moss.

Autumn goes round its realm like a queen, dropping amber over the green treetops. And still autumn has got its own palette. The first freeze makes room for watercolor, a technique applied to a number of pieces: Silver veil, Creamy, Cloudy, Canvas.
The moonlight, perfectly clean, cold and secret, is a theme polished by Kuindzhi, that formed a basis for the Claire de Lune sweater. A manifest of the white against the night-black.

The materials used across the collection are proper to the season. The air-built silk went South to the Fiji islands, its strings still sound softly, while the parts of the fluffy wool and gentle cashmere, the cotton and linen are played full voice. A metaphor is appropriate: a clean canvas is a starting point, the artist’s field of creation, you shouldn’t thus be embarrassed about its humble appearance. Every person sends a message to be displayed on the canvas, along with the color scheme, the method and a piece of inspiration. Everybody creates a painting of their own, their own style that echoes their identity.

The FG philosophy declares a triumph of Nature over the artifice and the deficiency of the man-made beauty, it calls us back to the primeval value of emotional perception.

Both sweaters, Restless and Fortune, appeal to our prudence so that we could avoid losing our way within the web. The sweater’s net gets decorative to be an element of scenery, the designer’s courtesy, and sends us to the mermaids’ place, with their secret play. Thus, the net is no longer a trap, this is rather a symbolic drag to catch fortune.

Following the stipulations of Sophistry, the homonymous look book makes us take a closer look at the model-the woman, being unique and singular.

The “Sophistry” gives the woman the right to be both sui generis and elegant, it lets her imagination fly high and underlines the real value of cognition, the interest towards self-discovery and investigation of other people’s nature. The collection reminds us that “Man is the measure of all things”.


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